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What an EDA does


An Electoral District Association (EDA) is the front-line of the Federal Liberal’s effort to earn the privilege of representing Canadians in Ottawa.

It is a fundamentally democratic organization that serves as the most local and best means to get involved in bringing about positive change in the community and the country.

An Electoral District Association (EDA):

  • Engages the community to establish a bedrock of Liberal support.
  • Is Volunteer-driven by passionate Liberals that want to make a difference in the community.
  • Nominates the individual who becomes MP (by vote of the riding’s membership).
  • Attracts a candidate by having funds and people at the ready to undertake a campaign who know  the territory.
  • Improves the candidate selection process by involving a larger and more diverse background of member.
In detail,
The EDA operates on the front-lines of the Liberal Party of Canada’s effort to earn the votes of Canadians. It is on the association where volunteers can find the most rewarding and effective ways to get involved that appeal to their own interests and make the best use of their talents. The EDA is the starting point for anyone wishing to have a continued involvement with the Liberal Party.

The EDA nominates a candidate from the community that can best represents its interest and supports their candidate in their bid to attain a seat in Parliament. The MP serves at the pleasure of the Association and in turn is served by it with volunteers, fundraising, community activity, communications, and any other fields that can be acted in.

The EDA is at its core a volunteer-powered fundraising and membership organization that endears itself to the communities in which its operates and lays the groundwork for Liberal electoral success. Disseminating information, responding to constituent concerns, fundraising to support community initiatives as well as future election campaigns.

THE EDA IS THE SUM OF ITS MEMBERS. The strength of the Liberal Party is its members and in the rebuilding ahead this is where the muscle will develop. Join us at our next AGM and get involved.