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An Electoral District Association (EDA):

  • Engages the community to establish a bedrock of Liberal support.
  • Is Volunteer-driven by passionate Liberals that want to make a difference in their community.
  • Nominates the individual who becomes the candidate for MP (by vote of the riding’s membership).
  • Attracts a quality candidate by having funds and territory-familiar people at the ready to undertake a campaign.
  • Improves the candidate selection process by involving a larger and more diverse background of members.

The activities of an EDA can make the difference in a riding being Liberal or not. When every seat counts, every association counts. In turn, the role each volunteer on an association plays takes on much significance. We are always looking for new team members to help engage with the voters of Willowdale and build the foundation for its continued representation by the Liberal party.

If “all politics is local,” then it does not get more local than your Electoral district Association (EDA).

Committees are where the most is accomplished on an association. Our team is organized into five committees: Membership, Outreach, Policy, Events and Fundraising. To join a committee, please email

Directors get the job done” by executing the tasks decided upon by the committee, each sharing in the load so no one individual is over-burdened which is key to driving future interest in more activity:


  • Presided over by the Membership Chair
  • Pursues the goal of increasing registration in the Liberal Party.


  • Presided over by the Fundraising Chair
  • Pursues of raising funds for future campaigns and EDA operations.


  • Presided over by the Policy Chair
  • Develops and carries out approaches to outreach and from time to time submit policy to be considered.





Stay tuned for more information about WFLA Policy Committee recent activities and upcoming events!

For more information or to join the Policy Committee please contact: